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Muscle Pain

Muscle injuries can result from trauma, such as in a sports injury or road traffic accident. Muscle injuries can also occur over time by excessive or repetitive use. This can happen from repetitive strain injuries' (RSI) or poor posture. Sport, long periods of driving and computer work can also be a cause in these instances of fatigue and overuse. Muscles will spasm as a protection when we are injured or in pain and while the body may repair a fracture or ligament strain, often the resulting muscle spasm is hard to get rid of without attention.

At the Dun Laoghaire practice we place great emphasis on a patient's muscular state. This is accomplished by massage work and other release techniques to improve muscle function and aid healing. We place great importance on showing patients effective stretches. Muscle stretches enhance flexibility and can easily be fitted in to an average day, either at work or at home or in conjunction with sport. Most stretching only takes a few minutes a day but yields great benefits.

Occasionally we may prescribe strengthening exercises but more often than not people need to stretch tight muscles rather than strengthen them - a tight shortened muscle does not have the stamina of a relaxed muscle. Improving muscle states is often the key to eliminating pain and enhancing the whole function of the musclo skeletal system.

Muscles move the joints and allow us to do everything from sport, dancing, to making facial expressions. The state of our muscular system is central to our health: physical, emotional and psychological. Tight muscles start to affect the range of movement of our joints and slowly but inexorably this may cause pain and damage. Tight muscles may cause other problems such as headaches and nerve entrapment.

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