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Arthritis literally means inflammation of a joint and can be divided into two main groups. First, osteoarthritis, sometimes referred to as wear and tear of the joints, resulting from overuse or trauma. Secondly, autoimmune arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis, where the immune system can target a person's own joints. There are a multitude of different autoimmune arthritides which can be helped conventionally by medication. Osteopathy can help in maintaining as good a function of the joints as possible and relieving associated muscle spasm.

The early effects of osteoarthritis (pain and restriction), can also be helped by osteopathy. Except for the very young, we all have joints which may show some evidence of wear and tear and it is important to encourage the quality of movement and relieve any muscle tightness over joints which could lead to further damage. Joint health and flexibility go hand in hand and the maxim 'use it or loose it' is often true.

Treating the early stages of osteoarthritis by maintaining and improving overall musculo-skeletal health, may prevent or delay deterioration. If pain and loss of function require it, some joints (most commonly the knee and the hip) can be replaced by surgery. Osteopathy is also of benefit in rehabilitation following joint replacement, encouraging optimum recovery.

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